Market Data Policy

PFTS Stock Exchange states the following principles of trading data dissemination:

Information about trading in the real-time mode is a stock exchange commercial product and is to be distributed for a fee by distributors (information agencies Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, SIX etc.) or directly by the stock exchange (API) among the subscribers.

PFTS provides equal conditions for access to the information about trading on PFTS in the real-time mode for all distributors, and also provides equal price terms.

A record of subscribers to PFTS information is kept with regard to a terminal. That is, all client’s information access units (terminals), for which a distributor has a subscription, are taken into account, no matter if a client uses the information or not.

Distribution of information about trading in the real-time mode without signed agreement with PFTS is an infringement of PFTS’s rights and is subject to legal prosecution.

Free distribution of delayed trading information can be performed only in case of a signed agreement with PFTS.

For further information concerning PFTS trading data dissemination, please, send e-mail message to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..