PFTS Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in Ukraine. PFTS has a license issued by the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market.

Form of Incorporation

Joint Stock Company. Short name: JSC «Stock Exchange PFTS». Abbreviation: PFTS.

Features of the Legal Status

Only legal entities which have received the status of a member of the stock exchange and have a valid license to carry out activities in the sphere of securities trading can participate in PFTS trades. In cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine other persons and public authorities which, under the rules of the stock exchange, got the right to apply for and conclude exchange transactions, can participate in trades.

Key Historical Events

PFTS Stock Exchange was established in 1996. In the beginning PFTS Stock Exchange name was PFTS Technical Center. It had the License of the trading & information system №1 and was the subsidiary enterprise of PFTS Association, a non-governmental, member-administered association of licensed Ukrainian securities dealers.

In 1996 PFTS market share was only 6.48% or 3rd place among Ukrainian exchanges. In 1997 PFTS stake on the market increased up to 46.01% or 2nd place just behind Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange (50.06%). And in 1998 PFTS became the leading Ukrainian Exchange with 64.74% market share. Top position is stable until now.

In 2006 PFTS Technical Center was renamed into PFTS Stock Exchange. It happened due to the changes in Ukrainian legislation. Only stock exchange became the only form of existing for organizers of trades in accordance with the new version of the Law on Securities and Stock Market. So PFTS Technical Center received the license of the stock exchange and changed its name.


84 legal entities and 30 individuals are the shareholders of PFTS. . 

Trading System

Technologically, it is composed of «quote driven market», «order driven market», «REPO market». One-sided auctions are also held on the PFTS, including the IPO’s of equities and debt securities, etc.

The trading is held electronically on weekdays from 9:30 to 17:15 (Kyiv time — UTC +2).